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Are you interested in working with Lewis B. Osterbur and Associates?  We would love to talk to you.  However, there are a few things you may find helpful in getting started.  We operate exclusively on a buyer's call and pay a premium for quality grain delivered within this system.

  • DRYING CAPABILITIES are needed to grow for Osterbur and Associates.  All of our contracts need corn to be dried to 14.5% or 15% moisture.


  • ON FARM STORAGE is needed to grow as well.  Osterbur and Associates typically offer both winter and summer shipments.  A controlled environment is essential to ensuring quality for the shipment.  A representative will usually probe the bin post harvest for a sample, to give both you and Osterbur an idea of purity an other quality standards.  This helps both indentify any possible problems and remedy before the delivery of the grain.


  • TIMELY TRUCKING will ensure you are able to get your contract fulfilled.  Osterbur doesn't own a phyiscal location and load all our grain through other facilities on a put thru basis.  This can limit the amount of time Osterbur has to finish a barge.  Before a contract is signed, we will provide an idea of how much time is available to receive the grain on contract.




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Lewis B. Osterbur and Associates is on twitter.  You can follow, DM, or otherwise stay up-to-date with by searching @lewisbosterbur or clicking the button below.  However, all tweets, retweets, or any other market communication should be considered informational and not market advice.


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