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“I know of no pursuit in which more real and important services can be rendered to any country than by improving its agriculture"

George Washington

Photo by tlindenbaum/ CC

At Osterbur and Associates we buy a variety of specialty grains.  Almost exclusively, we deal with the growing of Non-GMO hybrids.  On an annual basis we will have a Non-GMO Yellow, Non-GMO White, and Non-GMO Yellow Waxy program.  In addition to these programs we have handled High Amylose and Food Grade corn as well.  Demand for Amylose and Food Grade vary from year to year.


Non-GMO Yellow Corn

Non-GMO Yellow Waxy Corn

Non-GMO Mixed Hard Endo Corn

Non-GMO Single Variety Hard Endo Corn

Traited and Non-GMO White Dent Corn

Non-GMO High Amylose Corn

Non-GMO Soybeans


The majority of our contracts and programs at Osterbur and Associates are for No. 2 grade or better Non-GMO products.  In general, #2 Non-GMO corn products will meet the following standards:


  • less than 14.5% moisture (except for Non-GMO Yellow which can be dried down to 15%)

  • less than 5% damaged kernels

  • less than 3% foriegn material 

  • less than 10 parts per billion aflatoxin

  • less than 2% GMO


Purity standards for Non-GMO Waxy is 97% waxy kernels and Non-GMO White must be 99% white corn kernels.  For more information regarding specs or quality standards, feel free to contact Osterbur and Associates.


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